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About Our Shop


​Hot Towel Facial 

Haircut & Style
Every haircut and shave is executed with precision and
style. You will leave this manly establishment feeling revived and ready to take on the day! 


Classic Shave
With a hot towel and warm shaving cream insuring that you get the closest shave possible. 


Beard or Moustache Trim
Beards and moustaches
are always important!!  Making sure your burly friend is tamed and styled to look better than ever.

The Man Cave Barber Shop is owned by DeAnna Hood, who has been rocking the hair world for 30 years! This timelessly styled barber shop stands out with its old school vibes and the talent of the woman behind the chair. With a traditional shave and a clean, fresh cut, you will see the ritual of a "hair cut" in a whole new light. 

What We Offer

​Charcoal Mask 

The Man Cave

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Shoulder Massage